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Michael Deacon
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"Performer and
opinionated writer,
very provoking..."
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Michael Deacon is from an affluent background, but had a family
that was humble. Over his life, he has survived a near death
experience and many other challenges, but has always had his
brand of easy listening music and his spiritually as a focus. He
went into the Air Force at age 22, got married, and has eight

His religious beliefs has been paramount in his life, and he has been
looked upon as a respected writer in the Catholic Community.
Michael Deacon's profound views are appreciated and he even had
two of his letters acknowledged by the Vatican. His music has been
praised in the United States by cities like LA, Denver, Chicago,
Detroit, New York, Miami, Dallas, and has even held international
acclaim in several countries like Japan, South Korea, and Maylasia.
“Every song I’ve ever written
started with a chord... It took
a hard kind of “listening” to
hear - - - but as I would
write, time would cease to

Mike has become a rising artist
in america, and suffers with
bipolar disorder. His music is a
positive outlet in his recovery
from a illness that 1 in 4
suffers from.